MEDIA RELEASE: SIOPA Joins International Alliance for Organizational Psychology

MEDIA RELEASE: SIOPA Joins International Alliance for Organizational Psychology

The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology Australia (SIOPA) is delighted to announce we have recently joined the Alliance for Organizational Psychology as a Network Partner, as part of their 2020 “Big Tent” initiative.

The Alliance for Organizational Psychology is an international federation of Work, Industrial, and Organisational societies, which works to expand, develop, and advance Industrial/Organisational Psychology worldwide. The Alliance has identified an esteemed group of associations that share similar values regarding the science and practice of Organisational Psychology to become Network Partners in their newly established Big Tent initiative.

SIOPA are proud to have been invited to join in this initiative, which acts as a virtual table for international experts to facilitate understanding, communication, and joint activities relating to our field. SIOPA join the Big Tent alongside organisations such as SIOP, the International Association of Applied Psychology, the Institute of Organisational Psychology New Zealand, and many others. You can learn more about the Alliance, and see the full list of global Network Partners by following this link.

SIOPA look forward to a long future of working alongside the Alliance and our fellow Network Partners, and the many benefits this partnership will bring for our members and wider community.

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