Coaching for Performance: Hosted by the International Coaching Federation

Coaching for Performance: Hosted by the International Coaching Federation

Individuals, teams and organisations are facing constant new and varying challenges within the workplace. The skills required of leaders in the modern world are vastly different to those of 20 years ago. The demands on employees and teams continues to grow.

So why coaching? How is coaching any different to other offerings? Why is coaching so effective at increasing productivity and performance?

These questions and many more will be answered in this session as Jane, Jenny and Belinda help to bring clarity to the coaching process.

You will experience;

  • an introduction to the International Coach Federation (ICF), current coaching theory, science and practise
  • the opportunity to witness Jenny Edis demonstrating a coaching conversation with a volunteer client
  • a review of the essential elements of coaching as a tool using the ICF Core Competency framework


About the Speakers:


Principal Coach, Professional Coaching Australia

PCC, Executive Coach, Team Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Trainer

Jenny has nearly 3000 hours and 20 years of coaching, facilitation, mentoring and training experience. Her work has been focused on organisational leadership coaching, team coaching and growing other coaches. Prior to becoming a qualified Professional Coach Jenny held the roles of Chartered Accountant, IT Manager, Director and Change Management Consultant. She has coached in Australia, USA, New Zealand, China, Mexico, and UK. Jenny is currently the owner and Principal Coach of Professional Coaching Australia which delivers high quality coaching to organisations. Her current clients include Chevron Australia, Shell, Woodside, Water Corporation, Western Power, Deloitte, EY, TSG Consulting, and WACHS.

Jenny is passionate about leadership and the value coaching can have in supporting leaders, their teams and organisations. She enjoys working with leaders and teams to fast track their development towards the results they want to create for themselves and their organisations in a way that is natural and satisfying.


Professional Certified Coach since 2007 with the International Coaching Federation, Graduate of CoachU, Completion of Team Coaching Training with IECL, Australian Chartered Accountant (1992), Bachelor of Commerce, UWA (1990).

Growing coaches and the profession:

ICF registered Mentor-Coach, ICF assessor, speaker at ICF events, member of Professional Standards Committee ICF Australasia (2013/14), past member of the leadership team for ICF Western Australia.

Licensed in:

Print® Profiling Tools and Assessments, LSI 1 and 2, The Leadership Circle, The Coaching Game, Kenexa 360, Focal 360.


CEO Global Coaching Academy

MCC, Professional Mentor, Course developer, Facilitator and Supervisor

Belinda Baillie MCC, is, amongst many things, a seeker.

Professionally you might label her as a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a facilitator, a supervisor and a course developer. But she is so much more than that.

She is curious about people and their experiences and enjoys working with individuals who seek to self-actualise and move into more of their potential.

Her varied life prior to coaching – farmer, traveller, professional actor, kinesiologist working with kids with learning and behavioural challenges, artist – has shown her the vast of the human condition, and is how she found herself working in her own school for the past 15 years, developing resources, training and course material from traversing through this varied lived experience.

Global Coaching Academy – Belinda’s school, trains people to become coaches, mentors, presenters, trainers and facilitators. Her course is internationally recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and uses their 11 core coaching competencies as the basis for the art and science of developing coaching skills.

It is her pleasure to share some insights with you into what those core competencies are and how to apply them in the work that you do. She hopes this can add value and a new tool or two to your professional toolkit.


President, ICF Australasia – WA Branch

ACC, Professional & Personal Development Coach, Trainer

Jane has more than 200 hours of coaching experience. Coaching clients have included professionals, team leaders, managers, CEO’s, students and sole business owners. Jane supports individuals in designing rewarding and fulfilling career paths so they are more engaged in their work and life. Jane works with her clients to:

  • identify and clarify what really matters
  • develop greater self-awareness and understanding of strengths, values and core beliefs
  • improve their ability to make decisions with confidence and purpose
  • develop new skills – communication, interpersonal, leadership and organisational skills
  • step outside of their comfort zone and become more engaged in all areas of their lives
  • accelerate their learning, performance and personal growth
  • embrace change


Associate Certified Coach since 2017 with the International Coaching Federation, Graduate of CoachU (2015), Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) (1999), Australian Chartered Accountant (1993), Bachelor of Commerce, UWA (1989)

Licensed in:

Print® Profiling Tools and Assessments