Press Release: Dr Amanda Green joins the SIOPA Board

Press Release: Dr Amanda Green joins the SIOPA Board


The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (‘SIOPA’) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Amanda Green to the Board. 

Organisational Psychologist Dr Green is an accomplished people executive and Board Director with extensive experience in culture transformation, employee engagement, leading high-performing teams, and human resources.

Currently a Chief People Officer at the Movember Foundation, Dr Green has worked in executive and leadership roles for organisations such as Telstra Corporation, National Australia Bank, Richmond Football Club and PwC Australia, throughout her prestigious career. She also brings with her over five years experience on Boards of other not-for-profit sport organisations. 

Dr Green has been an active supervisor of postgraduate Organisational Psychology students from Deakin University, and has dedicated her time to offer real-world and impactful experiences for students to help them develop their skills in the field of Organisational Psychology.


SIOPA was founded in 2016. Our practices, methods and principles have been derived and supported by US-based Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and are tailored to suit the renewed challenges that present our profession moving into the future.

SIOPA is an inclusive industry group designed to engage not just Organisational Psychologists but related disciplines such as Human Resources, Organisational Development/Capability, Recruitment, Registered Psychologists, students etc.

SIOPA advocates for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists in Australia. Namely, this includes the challenges involved in obtaining endorsement and formal supervision in the Industrial and Organisational Psychology profession. Notwithstanding these challenges, our focus also remains firmly on engaging the Industrial and Organisational Psychology community and bringing a sense of collaboration and unity to our profession.

SIOPA offers its members an engaging and informative website, regular professional development and networking events, supervision opportunities and a growing network to advocate, support and connect our community.